The Ohio State University Student Union on the Olentangy River circa
This was my friend Jerry's 4WD Falcon (homemade) on the 'Eliminator
ground is the rear bumper.
"LOOK, MA, NO TIRES!" Did I mention the
Eliminator was nearly straight up? The Falcon regained 4 point contact
only to be rolled to it's death on another day. Somewhere around here I
have a videotape I shot from the passenger seat of Jerry's 10 second
Plymouth. I got a black eye from my viewfinder when the car launched. I
only taped one ride.
I beat the hell outta this truck. My transfer case was worn out so I made
this trip in 2WD. This was the last obstacle in an off-road race so you had
the option of getting out and finishing on foot if you got stuck (actually it
was mandatory, they really wanted to see someone get filthy muddy). The
ole Ford never let me down. It was the ONLY 2WD to get through that
hole all weekend. I rebuilt the engine not long after this. Might have had
something to do with spinning the engine at 6000rpm for too long.
more to come
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