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What Our Customers Say About Us

I know I can count on your pictures being the best.         Dee M., OH

I'm thrilled with the pictures of Harry - Thanks!          Jackie S., VA  

I apologize for not emailing my "thanks" sooner.  I truly appreciate
your having replaced the two 5 x 7 Best in Multibreed Show photos of
our boy......  I figured we'd get it right next time.
Your commitment to excellence is appreciated.           Julie H., IN

Received our photo today and wanted to say thank you for the
beautiful print. Who would have known when we won it in NY, that we
would be able to use it for so important an occasion. Thanks again......
John D., IL

...I love the photos and will spread the word about your good work.
Many thanks.          Joan M., OH

...Great job on the photos -- we LOVED them!          Bonnie B., MI

...One of the nicest win pics I have.          Barb T., MI

...After the loss of my Dobe, I realized that I didn't have enough quality
photos of her win.  You searched through your past assignments (about
2 years) and found the PERFECT picture of her Champion win.  Not
only did you search, but when you found the picture you personalized
My Dobe was special to me, and you treated my request in a special
way.  I cannot thank you enough for your time, effort, and speed with
my picture.

William C., NJ
In Loving Memory of:
U-CH. StoneFox Princess Kitana

...Thank you for the great work you do -
Finally someone taking
pictures of my dogs that knows what they should look like.
Becky P., OH

...I love your pictures.          Tina C., NJ

...The pictures you took are awesome!!!          Tracy S., OH

...Your pictures are wonderful and you have the patience to take them
right.          Carla P.

...Hal, got the pictures today, awesome job as usual, thanks. The check
is in the mail.          Cathy A., MA

...Thanks so much for your patience with my pictures.  I love them.  I
really, really do.          Terri E., MI